Buenos Aires, among the best 100 cities in the world to live, work and visit

Buenos Aires has been ranked 63rd among the best 100 cities in the world in the World's Best Cities 2021 ranking. The index highlights its attractions and wide cultural offer, while placing Buenos Aires in 21st place globally in the category "leisure options".

The city of Buenos Aires was ranked 63rd among the best 100 cities in the world to visit, live and work, according to the World's Best Cities 2021 ranking by the Resonance Consultancy. Among other attractions, the index highlights the cultural richness, tourist attractions and nightlife.

In this newest edition Buenos Aires climbed 9 positions compared to 2019, and stands out in the leisure options category -which includes nightlife, gastronomy, shopping and culture- where it ranked 21st worldwide. The ranking mentions the cultural attractions of Buenos Aires, and emphasizes the large number of concerts and events it offers in addition to its vibrant nightlife and its colourful neighbourhoods -such as La Boca, widely chosen by tourists.

"The international positioning of the city is key to recovering the record numbers of visitors that we received in 2019, and this newest ranking shows that we have a window of opportunity to still attract tourists, international students and digital nomads. Now more than ever, cities are betting on internationalization to recover from the pandemic, said Fernando Straface, Secretary General and Secretary for International Relations.

Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo are the most prominent cities in Latin America in the ranking, above Rio de Janeiro (# 81) and Mexico City (# 97). Buenos Aires also scored better than Brussels (# 65), Shanghai (# 73), Ottawa (# 67) and Helsinki (# 68), and ranked very close to Oslo (# 57) and Stockholm (# 59).

Resonance Consultancy publishes this index annually, analyzing the valuation of cities based on statistics and qualitative evaluations generated through digital channels. In doing so, it scores cities around the world based on their attractiveness to talent, investment and tourism.

The ranking is divided into six categories, which measure leisure options, quality of public space and climate, the online presence of cities, their infrastructure to provide services to residents and tourists, their economy, the standard of living and human capital. These categories include 25 indicators that assess the performance of cities in greater detail.

Resonance Consultancy is based in Vancouver, Canada, and is dedicated to consulting in real estate, tourism and economic development of communities, cities and countries.

Friday 30 de October 2020