Mayor Rodríguez Larreta thanks over 1,500 UBA volunteers for their work at flu vaccination posts

Tuesday 30 March 2021

By videoconference, the mayor thanked Alberto Barbieri, Dean of the University, and students from the faculties of Medicine and Dentistry who participated as volunteers. More than 350,000 people have been vaccinated in all 82 vaccination centres in the city.

Mayor Horacio Rodríguez Larreta held today a videoconference with the Dean of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Alberto Barbieri, along with a dozen Medicine and Dentistry students who participated as volunteers in the flu vaccination campaign in April and May.

“As students of health careers, you know how important flu vaccination is for older adults. In addition, your work helped relieve pressure on the health system, which is now one hundred percent dedicated to the pandemic. I am proud of the public University and of the commitment of all of you. On behalf of the entire city, thank you so very much” said Larreta.

The vaccination campaign was carried out between April 9 and May 21. During the first three weeks just people over 65 and people with underlying pathologies were vaccinated, while during the last weeks the campaign was extended to people under 65 as well. Throughout the process, more than 1,500 volunteers from the UBA –mainly from Medicine and Dentistry careers- worked daily at 82 vaccination posts set up in churches, schools, day centres and cultural spaces throughout the neighbourhoods of the city.

"In these difficult times that we have to go through, we are proud of the work, social commitment and professionalism of the volunteers of our university, especially of those of the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry and other health sciences, in this important influenza vaccination campaign implemented by the City Government. Once again, the University of Buenos Aires puts at the service of the community the most precious asset it possesses, its human capital”, said Barbieri.

In total, flu and pneumococcal doses were applied to 350,215 people in the city. Of these, 256,000 were delivered by UBA students. In addition, UBA volunteers also worked with the Diversity Directorate to vaccinate the transgender population at risk.

Approximately, more than 7,000 UBA volunteers participated in the city’s volunteer programme. In addition to the more than 1,500 volunteers working in the vaccination posts, many others provided assistance for the elderly through the city-wide Mayores Ciudades programme, and helped as well in COVID related duties with the following-up of close contacts in vulnerable neighbourhoods and remote follow-up of mild positive cases.

“Having the backing and support of the main public university in the country is essential for Buenos Aires. From the first day, UBA has made available valuable medical care, research resources, and most importantly professors and students who actively have collaborated as volunteers”, said Fernando Straface, Secretary General and Secretary for International Relations of the city of Buenos Aires.