Why Buenos Aires is the best city for remote working

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Buenos Aires: Quality of Life, Talent, Creativity and Diversity

We are creative, diverse and entrepreneurial people, and our city is unique, innovative, safe and has exceptional art, culture, climate and food, with an affordable cost of living.
Learn why Digital Nomads from all over the world choose to live in Buenos Aires.



  • Wednesday 07 December 2022

More than 200 digital nomads gathered at the Buenos Aires Planetarium

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  • Wednesday 16 November 2022

The biggest international conference on digital nomads in Latin America is back!

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  • Tuesday 16 November 2021

Buenos Aires to host first ever conference for Digital Nomads in Latin America

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  • Thursday 08 April 2021

Buenos Aires launches its Climate Action Plan 2050

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  • Tuesday 30 March 2021

Buenos Aires and Los Angeles analyze post COVID-19 sustainable recovery

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  • Tuesday 30 March 2021

The city government and private sector presented a joint working from home guide with a gender perspective

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  • Tuesday 30 March 2021

Data banks to open to monitor green infrastructure, with the support of C40 Cities

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  • Tuesday 30 March 2021

Rodríguez Larreta converses with regional mayors on the future of mobility

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  • Tuesday 30 March 2021

Buenos Aires leads the open data ranking for the third time in a row

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  • Tuesday 30 March 2021

Buenos Aires opens all data on the management of the pandemic

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  • Tuesday 30 March 2021

First meeting of Argentine cities for climate change in the context of COVID-19

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  • Tuesday 30 March 2021

Buenos Aires and Bogota launch an initiative for climate action post COVID-19

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  • Tuesday 30 March 2021

Mayor Rodríguez Larreta thanks over 1,500 UBA volunteers for their work at flu vaccination posts

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  • Tuesday 30 March 2021

Buenos Aires mayor exchanges views on pandemic response and adaptations with mayors of other global cities

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  • Thursday 25 February 2021

Environmental protection: Buenos Aires formally recognized as a 2020 Tree City of the World

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  • Wednesday 17 February 2021

C40 recognizes BA as one of the most active cities in the world against climate change

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  • Wednesday 27 January 2021

Digital nomads: Buenos Aires, the best city in Latin America for digital nomads

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  • Friday 15 January 2021

Buenos Aires reduces traffic by 31% over the course of 2020

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  • Friday 11 December 2020

Climate Change: On the anniversary of the Paris Agreement, Mayor Rodríguez Larreta participates in the Zero Carbon Forum

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  • Thursday 10 December 2020

Talent & Investment: Buenos Aires amongst the top 50 cities in the world for talent and investment

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  • Thursday 10 December 2020

BA participates in the “Students Reinventing Cities” competition for young people all across the globe

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  • Thursday 05 November 2020

BA Global Council: Mayor Rodríguez Larreta convenes BA Global Council to discuss the city's international projection

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  • Monday 02 November 2020

Travel & Tourism: Buenos Aires obtains international Safe Destination Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)

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  • Thursday 22 October 2020

Climate change: Bogota and Buenos Aires lead meeting for 14 of the largest cities in Latin America

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  • Friday 02 October 2020

Urban 20: Global cities urge the G20 to work towards a green and fair recovery

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  • Wednesday 30 September 2020

C40 & Urban planning: Buenos Aires to lead a group of global cities to work on new urban spatiality

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  • Tuesday 15 September 2020

Buenos Aires wins Wellbeing Cities award for its sustainable mobility policy

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Key Information

All the information you need before and after your arrival in Buenos Aires.

Visas and Procedures

Working remotely from Buenos Aires is a unique experience but it can involve a few tedious procedures! Therefore, it is very important you are well aware of all you need to do before arrival, and once you get here.

Visa procedures are obviously the most important. Take a good look at visa requirements and complete the step by step instructions. Information on visas will be updated in the coming days.


Visitors from the vast majority of countries do not require a visa for stays that do not exceed 90 days (citizens of Mercosur countries do not need their passport, they only need their identity document). Check your situation at the National Migration Office

Embassies and consulates

It is worth consulting immigration requirements with the Argentine embassy or consulate of your country of origin. You can also consult foreign embassies and consulates in Argentina.

Work & Study

What you need to know about higher education in Argentina

Argentina’s higher education system is large and diverse. It includes 111 universities and 19 further education institutes with over 2 million students. Around 500,000 study at the 42 universities in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires.

There are both public universities (mostly financed by the State) and private universities in Argentina. In general, they are differentiated by the number of students enrolled, their size, and the cost of the programmes on offer, all of which have valid accreditation from the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation, the official body that guarantees the quality of each programme and university.

Undergraduate, graduate and graduate degrees

When you finish high school or middle school, you can begin your college career. Programmes at pre-undergraduate level last up to two years; undergraduate level courses last at least four years and will lead to a bachelor's degree. With an undergraduate degree you can start a graduate degree. To do this, you can choose between a specialization (which usually lasts one year), a master's degree or "master" (which lasts for one or two years) or a doctorate (up to 6 years).

Short and exchange programmes

Many institutions offer shorter programmes to which you can apply as an international student; these include exchanges by agreements between universities, free mobility programmes or executive and customized programs that take place during the academic calendar or during vacations.

Before applying to any university programme in Argentina, remember that the first semester begins in March and ends in the last days of June or the beginning of July. The second semester starts in August, and ends at the beginning of December.

Be aware that not all university programmes in Argentina have the same academic credit systems as in different parts of the world. Here, instead of adding a limited amount of credits to pass the degree in its entirety, you have to pass a package of individual subjects. It is important that you understand this, because it can present differences in applications for short programmes or exchange programmes. Just in case, check with your university before applying!

Academic Offer

If you come to study or are interested in doing academic research in Buenos Aires, our universities offer more than 8,000 programmes across all areas: Applied Sciences, Basic Sciences, Health Sciences, Human Sciences and Social Sciences. We have no doubt that you’ll be able to find the ideal course for you in Buenos Aires!

Programmes that may interest you:


Casa Campus San Telmo


We redesigned the experience of living in community. We are the largest operator of co-living buildings in Latin America.

  • Special benefit for Digital Nomads

    20% de descuento en gastos administrativos.

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    Balcarce 379
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Unique Palacio San Telmo


Unique Palacio San Telmo is located in one of the trendiest areas of the city of Buenos Aires. Located in the heart of San Telmo, it is surrounded by pedestrian streets and has an incredible view of the domes of the old town. Its privileged location highlights the establishment for its proximity to antique stores, important cultural centers and multiple restaurants and bars. The hotel combines design and modernity in all its facilities. It offers breakfast service and bright and spacious rooms.

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Benomad is a platform that allows you to choose workspaces outside the office and your home. You download the APP, become a member or activate the trial at no cost, and from there you are ready to find a place to work close to where you are.

You will have at your disposal restaurants, hotels, coworkings, cafes, etc. all with excellent internet connectivity exclusively for Benomad users and discounts of up to 30% on drinks. In addition, you will be able, at an additional cost, to reserve meeting rooms to meet your team or receive a client and you will be able to enjoy the benefits, which we will be incorporating into the platform on an ongoing basis. Today our network has 100 places in CABA, GBA and La Plata.

  • Ubicación https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.benomad
  • Ubicación https://apps.apple.com/ar/app/benomad/id1540756279
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WeWork Retiro

WeWork is a global workspace provider with the world's largest physical network. We design, build and operate spaces that connect people so that companies of all types and sizes can have agile, flexible and innovative solutions that make it easier for them to succeed in their respective businesses.

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Welcome kit

What is it?

The Welcome Kit is a set of useful tools to start off your life in Buenos Aires well prepared.
So here’s our first tip:


  • Transporte
    Moving to your new home

    You have a 40% discount on a shuttle service from the Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE) to the city. Manuel Tienda León takes you to Madero station: a strategic spot just 5 minutes from Retiro train station.

  • Estadía
    Special rates on your first nights

    If you still don't have accommodation, this is your chance! Consult our list of participating hostels.

  • Celular
    SIM card

    Activate your SIM card and let people know you’ve arrived as soon as you land.

  • Sube
    SUBE card

    Take advantage of Buenos Aires’ public transport system as soon as you land. All subway, train, and bus journeys can be paid with the SUBE card. Plus it’s registered in your name, so if you lose it, you can get your credit back!

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    Access to Special Accommodation Rates