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Eugenia Mello


Representative Image of Eugenia Mello

Eugenia Mello’s creative soul resorts to colors and shapes to translate into illustrations what is hard to put into words. Passionate about rhythm and movement, she is always looking for her creations to become music.

Motivated by shapes and textures since childhood, she studied at the School of Architecture, Design and Urban planning in the University of Buenos Aires (FADU for its Spanish initials), where she gained the necessary tools to pave her own way. “FADU has always encouraged us to create our own project by providing us with the tools to think about, plan and develop it”, she comments.

Buenos Aires diversity has proven to be the ideal complement in her training. A vibrant city presenting a world-class public, private and independent cultural trail, where spaces to exchange and exhibit abound. “I first started exhibiting at a tiny but gorgeous independent gallery, thanks to a friend of mine who was organizing a series of exhibitions on a specific theme. Those independent spaces in the City allow many artists to kick-start, as they create spaces to connect, exchange and massively grow”, she claims.

Besides the independent trail, Eugenia highlights Buenos Aires public offer, and claims there are cultural trails in every neighborhood of the City. “Larger spaces such as Centro Cultural Borges, Usina del Arte or the marvelous Centro Cultural Recoleta mount amazing, diverse and inclusive activities; exhibits of all kinds that serve as a platform to expose ourselves before the crowd”, she further explains.

After working under an employment contract and as a freelancer for a few years, Eugenia decided to face new challenges and went on for a Master degree at the School of Visual Arts in New York. “This step represented a major change in my career and enabled me to get in touch with that city’s market, which is broad, abundant and full of possibilities”, states the illustrator.

Her experience in New York, place from where she currently projects her creativity to the world, opened new markets for her and got her international awards such as the gold medal from the Society of Illustrators of New York for her moving piece: Hope for the Day.

When it comes to chasing dreams, she adds: “I think that the most important thing is to believe that there is a future. Watch out for the opportunities as they present, be as prepared as possible for the time when they come up and, above all, be able to give and receive support from those we share the path with. Human connections drive the world. It is of utter importance to value, nourish and look after them to see them grow.”