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“Mayors across the world have the challenge of promoting climate policies that will help us create more resilient, sustainable and inclusive cities. The climate agenda is essential to generating opportunities for growth and promoting fair and sustainable development for everyone". Horacio Rodríguez Larreta

For years, the City of Buenos Aires has been a regional leader in the fight against climate change. The climate change agenda is at the heart of our government’s priorities, not least because it contributes to the quality of life of our residents, creating a healthier urban ecosystem.

In Buenos Aires, several government departments are actively involved in the development of our Climate Change Strategy. A fundamental component of this strategy is our new Climate Action Plan, developed with the support of C40 Cities and based around our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

For more information, explore the Climate Action BA website.

Buenos Aires manages several active climate mitigation and adaptation policies.


Ecobicis - public bike share system

(200 stations)

100 new hectares of green public spaces (2016-2019).


Bicycle lanes


Modernization of devices for the separation and treatment of recyclable waste.


Pedestrian zones

(259 street blocks in the city centre)

100% led street lighting

(first city in LATAM)

Collective urban action is critical to advancing the climate goals of the Paris Agreement at the local level. Buenos Aires actively participates in international city networks that are committed to sustainable development and the fight against climate change.

Buenos Aires’ mayor, together with the mayor of Bogotá, was elected Vice President of C40 for Latin America in 2020, and is a member of C40’s Steering Committee. Within this framework, both cities launched the "Dialogue for Climate Action" joint initiative to encourage and support other cities in the region to develop ambitious climate goals.

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Urban 20 (U20) 2020 is the G20 engagement group that represents the voice of cities. In 2020, Buenos Aires co-chaired (together with Rome) a Special U20 Working Group on Covid-19. Its objective was to analyze the challenges and responses of cities to the crisis unleashed by the pandemic, with a focus on the financing necessary for a green and fair recovery.

For more information, read the U20 Communique 2020

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The impact of Covid-19: how this is leading to cities on a human scale

The global pandemic accelerated a number of trends and socio-economic dynamics that were already starting to take shape and that will guide global city agendas in the months and years to come.

New concepts of human-scale spatiality that promote greater sustainable mobility, more public spaces for residents that support social distancing, will underline the city’s development in the coming years.

  • Ecobicis

    Reactivation of the Ecobici public bike share system with new protocols.

  • Ciclovías

    17km+ of bike lanes and reduction of maximum speeds on Av. Corrientes and Av. Córdoba.

  • Calles

    100 pedestrianized streets.

  • 100.000 m2 de espacio público

    100,000 m2 of public space interventions.

  • Cierre de calles

    Closures of streets and avenues; extension of pavements in commercial areas.

  • Espacio público

    Demarcations for social distancing in public spaces..

  • Ferias de abastecimiento

    Neighbourhood food markets on roadsides.

  • Areas peatonales

    15 transitory pedestrian areas open on weekends.

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