A space for participation and dialogue that seeks to integrate the experience and ideas of prominent leaders from the business, scientific, academic and cultural fields in Buenos Aires and abroad.

Amodeo, Amalia President of the arteBA Foundation
“Buenos Aires is a city full of cultural, artistic and social options. It stands out as one of the most visited capital cities in Latin America. This year, it was distinguished as best city to study abroad in Latin America for the fifth consecutive year, generating a favorable economic impact for our country. The cultural offer is immense; art has a great protagonism in our city. You can always enjoy art in Buenos Aires, visit galleries, museums; go to theaters and concerts, among other activities.”

Barbieri, Alberto President of the University of Buenos Aires
“Interacting with people from other cultures enriches everyone and is a factor of international acknowledgement and prestige. Those who study at the University of Buenos Aires take with them a very positive image and adopt the City as their own. From there onwards, they become our ambassadors in the world and strengthen exchanges in the countries where they are.”

Bearzi, María Julia Executive Director de Endeavor
“Buenos Aires is a city with a unique talent and identity. It gathers inspiration, creativity, culture and innovation, the key ingredients to start up. It is seat to an ecosystem that continues to grow and to reinvent itself, positioning the country globally.”

Benzacar, Orly Art Gallery Director Ruth Benzacar
“I think that Buenos Aires is a generous and diverse city, both due to its powerful cultural life as well as the quality of its educational system and its architecture and infrastructure. We live intensely, without losing the mystique of the gatherings.”

Bulgheroni, Marcos CEO Panamerican Energy
"Buenos Aires, gateway for thousands of immigrants that arrived to contribute with the development of the City and the country, can be discovered in every corner. To wander around Buenos Aires and observe its diversity, present in its architectural and cultural riches, makes it an extraordinary place to live or visit. Those born in the City as well as those who come from every corner of Argentina and the world to visit carry with them unforgettable memories."

Burman, Daniel Argentinian Director, Producer and Scriptwriter
“I love Buenos Aires above every other city in the world. It's a city with no walls, no limits and with a particular geography that can be covered not only at length and breadth, but that has allowed many as me, the most difficult mobility: The social mobility. Don't make your neighbourhood of origin be your limit but rather your springboard, a launching pad for your dreams, together with the talent and tools you encounter in your community. Make them reach the unreachable. That you might cross the city always belonging to it. Going through many Latin American realities, I can reasure my belief that Buenos Aires is, should be, or we should make it be the capital where the most wonderful trip be possible: the social mobility trip. That our origin does not condemn us, that our origin does not pose a limit, but rather that the particular geography within a general geography be an identity mark and with such identity we may travel to the destination of our dreams.”

Cattáneo, Hernán Argentine DJ and producer
“I have travelled around the world playing music and I have been able to visit cities, cultures and societies in every continent. Positive feedback of those who have been to Buenos Aires and visited our places and its people seems to be a common ground. Buenos Aires is one of the most interesting cities in the world. So much so, that last year it won the dance nation award as the best global scene in the Ibiza DJ Awards.”

Charles, Alice Leads Cities, Urban Development and Urban Services work at the World Economic Forum
“Buenos Aires is a city of power, culture and promise and consequently is a magnet for business, tourism and study and a great place to live."

Costantini, Eduardo President of the Latin American Art Museum of Buenos Aires (MALBA)
"BA has a unique cultural tradition in Latin America. In addition to a healthy theater scene - commercial and independent- it stands out because of its libraries, cafes, and an array of museums with valuable heritage and a dynamic calendar of exhibitions on par with any other large metropolis. Its diverse architecture and the ability to enjoy the city by foot also offers tourists a high quality of life and unique experiences as they stroll through its public spaces."

Cruces, Juan José President of the Torcuato Di Tella University
“Known as the Paris of Latin America for its architectural beauty and its intense cultural life, Buenos Aires has been rated in the recent years as the best city in the region for students. The quality and prestige of its universities, museums, cultural centers, theaters, bookstores and social life make it the favorite destination in Latin America for international students.”

Daalder, Ivo President, Chicago Council on Global Affairs
"Buenos Aires is a remarkable cultural, vibrant, and dynamic city. As it grows into a leading global city, it will need to position itself as an oasis of stability, safety, and visionary-planning, resilient to the economic shocks and crises that affect the country and Latin American region.”

Elsztain, Eduardo President of Investments and Representation Limited (IRSA)
“There aren’t many cities in the world like Buenos Aires, in terms of gastronomy, culture, theatre productions and educational inclusion. It is the center of Latin America, posing as one of the most beautiful cities in the region, and hosting a considerable entrepreneurship development due to the youngsters skills, their talent and the entrepreneurial ecosystem always supporting the greatest ideas.”

Florida, Richard American expert in geography and economic growth
“Buenos Aires has an incredible set of assets in its great universities, a government that is prepared to make the investments in quality of place that it needs—and most importantly of all, a diverse, dynamic, and highly-creative citizenry.”

Kaufman, Sergio President Accenture Argentina, Chile and Colombia
“Buenos Aires is a great city with a diverse nature that can be reflected in its culture, population, gastronomy, architecture, aromas and flavors. Being in Buenos Aires is a bit like being in other parts of the world, but without leaving home. It has a strong identity of its own which makes everyone who live here proud.”

Kuschevatzky, Axel Argentinian journalist specializing in films, movie producer and scriptwriter.
“Buenos Aires is a perfect city for content and project development. Its cultural diversity, ongoing activities and the expertise of local professionals in the arts industry positions it as one of the top capital cities in the world. Buenos Aires is an unlimited generator of ideas sustained by a daily bond with people. All of this turn it into a fascinating place to search, find and enjoy new ideas.”

Landry, Charles Creativity expert in urban change
“The first time I came BA in 2001 I immediately felt it was a part of me. BA seemed to respond to some deeper longing I already had inside me. And as I got to know BA I could feel the creative pulse, but also how much there was still to do. BA reminded me that good creative city making is more like improvised jazz rather than a well-tempered symphony performance.”

Manes, Facundo Founder of the Neuroscience Institute of the Favaloro Foundation and the INECO Foundation. CONICET researcher.
“Buenos Aires is a perfect city for content and project development. Its cultural diversity, ongoing activities and the expertise of local professionals in the arts industry positions it as one of the top capital cities in the world. Buenos Aires is an unlimited generator of ideas sustained by a daily bond with people. All of this turn it into a fascinating place to search, find and enjoy new ideas.”

Martitegui, Germán Argentine chef. Owner of the restaurant Tegui
“From Messi to Borges. From the Choripan to the Angus beef. From the Colón Theatre to the Bombonera. From soccer to Polo. From the Pope to Ginóbili. From the "dulce de leche" to the Malbec. Buenos Aires has everything, but the best is its people.”

Migoya, Martín CEO y Co-Founder of Globant
“World-class talent and entrepreneurship ecosystem of Argentina in the whole, and the City of Buenos Aires in particular, position us before a unique opportunity for our development. This talent allows us to leverage us into the potential posed by the service industry based on the knowledge to position Argentina as leader for the industry."

Moya, Fernando Founder and President of Ozono Producciones
"Buenos Aires is notable for being a unique destination in Latin America. The quality of its restaurants , cultural attractions, history and diversity make the city an ideal environment to attract visitors and students and also promotes the development of its assets: Talent, diversity and creativity. In a context where youngsters are able to keep their pace with the times, Buenos Aires' entrepreneurs are recognized globaly for their creativity and solving capacity applied to technology and the arts. BA has a unique and inclusive social charm at bars, restaurants, nightclubs, theatres, festivals and concerts, all of which lure youngsters. The academic level at the Universities stands up for the various possibilities in both private and public options. I believe that forging education in young foreigners is key to Buenos Aires. Youth possition cities and lure older public that, in occasion, chose on the basis of trends or recommendation of the younger, who are allways more prone to travel and ready to venture."

Oxenford, Alec Co-Founder of Letgo, OLX, Dinero Mail, De Remate
“Two aspects distinguish Buenos Aires from other great capital cities of the world: one is its high cultural volume and the other is its trees. For these two reasons, Buenos Aires is best enjoyed.”

Pomares, Julia Executive Director of the Center of Implementation of Public Policy for Equity and Growth (CIPPEC)
“ BA is recognized as a diverse, safe and dynamic city. In the upcoming years, it could also strengthen to become a city of scientific innovation and at the forefront of technology combining its social integration with the capability to attract talent. It’s regional and global leadership depends on this great challenge. “

Roces, José Luis President of Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA)
"In recent years, Argentina has once again occupied a place of recognition at an international level, especially after the proliferation of commercial, economic and cultural ties. As capital of the country, the city of Buenos Aires is considered a regional benchmark of innovation, capable of generating a contribution to the global ecosystem. And, in this framework, integration into the world offers unprecedented opportunities for business, academic and scientific communities, and therefore for the whole society.”

Rodríguez, Adalberto Giavarini President of the Argentine Council for International Relations
“The quality of infrastructure and the physical, productive and cultural connectivity of the city of Buenos Aires position it as one of the most prominent global cities of the XXI century. The distinctive elements that make the city a very valuable metropolis to develop commercial, educational or tourist activities, positioning it at the forefront of sustainable urban development are: its geography, its mild weather and iconic architecture, its extensive urban transport network and more than 250 kilometers of integrated bicycle lanes, the provision of educational alternatives and quality public goods, the high degree of economic and human development, the high innovation and social diversity, among others.”

Rosenberg, Adriana Chief Officer of the PROA Foundation
“Buenos Aires is a great city to visit, live and do business in, thanks to its considerable cultural diversity, which offers a variety of options suitable to all interests and likes. Its architecture is distinctively eclectic, making it unique in Latin America. Due to its variety of worldwide recognized academic offers, it is also a great city to study in.”

Saiz, Emilia Secretary General of United Cities and Local Governments (CGLU)
“The city of Buenos Aires has culture on every corner and is willing to reinvent itself. It belongs to all nationalities and souls because it is a city that attracts talent. We all know it and yet we perceive in different ways how each of its neighborhoods and huge avenues bring us together, as arteries of great human values making us create, resist and above all keep dreaming always. My Buenos Aires is critic, claims and dreams.”

Segal, Susan President and CEO of the Americas Society and Council of the Americas
"Buenos Aires is a leading city in terms of entrepreneurship and innovation. It has the best entrepreneurs in Latin America, which have the potential to create the jobs of the future and drive inclusive growth. It is also a magnificent architectural and cultural center of South America."

Sigman, Hugo Founder and CEO of Insud Group
“There aren’t many cities in the world like BA, with dozens of museums, over 100 theaters, innovative chefs with grass-fed beef, with universities where five Nobel prize winners were educated and 400,000 students are enrolled, with the Colon Theater- one of the most renowned opera houses in the world. With parks and bike paths that are the only ones of their kind in Latin America, and its architecture that expresses the mixture of its immigration currents. . BA houses a grand development of entrepreneurs in art and design, audiovisual industry, software and science and technology, all of which are the product of a business-minded ecosystem that always accompanies the best ideas.”

Søholt, Helle Founding Partner and CEO of Gehl
“I am honoured to serve on the Global Council the City of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is a true world class city committed to deliver a high quality of life for the people the city serves.

In Buenos Aires one finds authenticity and an intense and diverse public life that connects the present opportunities with the architectural and cultural heritage of the place and the dreams of a more inclusive, healthier and sustainable future. Cities that creates this connection between dwelling and dreams are the most prosperous as they attract people, business and creative talent globally. Buenos Aires is such a city.”
Zanetti, Eugenio Art director, set designer and author. Academy Award (Oscar) winner in 1996.
“I live in Buenos Aires as if it was of my own, even though I was born far away from it, in Córdoba. I still remember the mythological city I envisioned for the first time when I was five: immeasurable, boundless. Though years later, after having got to know world treasures, I return, as in a Third Act, to the city that had once invaded me with its indescribable scent. Everything is still there, but the city has changed. A new spark is perceived”.