International projection strategy

How are we planning to position Buenos Aires in the new normal?
  • Vision

    A sustainable, secure and diverse global capital, that promotes talent and creativity, and offers the best quality of life to its residents

  • Goal

    Position Buenos Aires as a great city to:

Main impacts, trends and leading activities relating to BA as a leading city to live, visit, sturdy and do business


Buenos Aires has everything that a great city to live in needs. International rankings place us as the most liveable city in Latin America. In a world where remote work is becoming more and more popular, we are convinced that Buenos Aires is the best option for freelancers and digital nomads.

If you want to know more about the Digital Nomads programme, click here.

Estadísticas EEUU 67%

of US businesses will retain or switch to remote working in the long-term or permanently.



of jobs in the US can be done from home.

Becker Friedman Institute

Opportunities for BA

#BA is ranked 14 in global rankings for digital nomads (Nomad List)

Calidad de vida
    Quality of life
  • #1 Best city to live in LATAM (The Economist)
  • #2 Most secure city in LATAM (The Economist)
  • #3 Capital city with lowest cost of life in the Americas (Numbeo)
  • #4 Best city to study in LATAM (QS)

Cultura y diversidad
    Culture and diversity
  • Top 10 LGBTIQ+ friendly cities
  • Cultural and gastronomic offering + Colon Theatre

  • Developed entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Leading employer of IT talent
  • Co-working spaces + connectivity + convenient time zone + English levels


Being competitive in terms of attracting tourism will be key to the city’s recovery from the global health crisis. We are therefore working on a series of agreements with other cities in the region to create "Travel Bubbles" and "Safe Corridors," which would allow BA to improve competitiveness in the new normal.

Menos viajes

Longer stays, fewer trips

  • +Average spending per visitor will increase
  • -Restrictions, controls and limited connectivity options
Destinos seguros

Safe and sustainable destinations

  • +Competitive assets as an urban destination
  • -Urban destinations lose competitiveness vs natural destinations
Apertura escalonada

Staggered opening of markets and segments

  • +Main emissive markets in the region are interested in BA
  • -BA’s positioning amongst first segments to travel (LGBTIQ+, Luxury, Young people, F&F)


With the Study BA programme, we continue to promote Buenos Aires as a great city to study in. As we reopen the city, we are initially promoting BA to students in the region, as well as China, given the large number of Chinese students looking for new overseas study destinationa and the fact that some traditional study destinations have become less attractive owing to the pandemic.

  • Estudiantes

    International students chose Buenos Aires in 2018 (+15% vs 2017)

  • PBG
    USD 600 M

    0.62% city GDP

  • Medalla

    Latin American city to study (QS)


Prioritizing face-to-face over virtual

74% of international students plan to continue their studies in their chosen destination (IIE)

Crisis in traditional destinations

36% of international students are considering changing their study destinations from the US to another country (WENR)

Cities as safe and competitive are key to student choices

28% of chinese international students changed their study destinations as a result of Covid (BOSSA)

Do Business

How we reverse the major impact on labour markets and the functioning of urban economies will be a key challenge for cities in the post-Covid era. The contactless economy is a pre-existing trend that the pandemic is estimated to have accelerated 5 years and entails new forms of social and economic connections with the least possible interactions.

  • Construcción

    12% BA GDP

  • Servicios empresariales

    13% BA GDP

  • Logística y transporte

    10% BA GDP

  • Medalla

    No. 1 city for software and multimedia development in LATAM (PwC)

    No. 1 city for investment and talent in LATAM (Power City Index 2019)

    No. 3 creative city in the world (UNESCO)

  • Growth in Creative and Cultural Industries

  • Contactless economy:

    Ecommerce; epayments; telemedicine; digital entertainment; Fintech; Blockchain; Big Data; IA; IoT.

  • Safety and competitiveness key to choosing BA

  • Growth of urban logistics and new modes:

    • - Fast Delivery
    • - Urban Last Mile Delivery
    • - New pick-up points
    • - Night-time delivery
    • - Automation and robotization; electric vehicles

  • Industrias creativas y culturales
  • Servicios profesionales
  • E-Commerce
  • Industrias
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