More than 200 digital nomads gathered at the Buenos Aires Planetarium

Miércoles 07 de Diciembre 2022

On December 2, 2022 took place the NomadsBA Conference, the 2nd edition of the biggest in-person event of digital nomads in the region.

The second edition of NomadsBA Conference, the biggest event in the region that brings together leaders of the digital nomad culture, was held last Friday, December 2. This event, as well as its first edition, is part of an initiative of the Government of Buenos Aires that aims to position Buenos Aires as the ideal destination in the region for remote workers in the world.


In this second edition, 226 digital nomads, entrepreneurs and community stakeholders had the opportunity to attend talks and workshops about lifestyle and opportunities of digital nomadism. The thematic axes of the conference were related to the opportunities offered by the city of Buenos Aires and Argentina for digital nomads, entrepreneurship models, adaptation to new cultures, innovation, cryptocurrencies and private sector opportunities to expand the professional field. The participation of digital nomadism representatives such as Dustin Luke, content creator; Ekaterina Matveeva, CEO of Amolingua; Sebastián Chuffer, CEO of Ruptive, and Pablo Sabatella, director of Defy Education and expert in cryptocurrencies, was highlighted. Also present were Cintia Scoles, representative of CEPIT, member of the Argentina IT network and CESSI of Tandil and Rogelio Biazzi, Chief of Staff of the City of Rosario, who presented the benefits of these cities for digital nomads.


Digital nomads are freelancers, entrepreneurs and businessmen who work remotely from destinations where they usually settle for three to six months, where they record a higher level of spending than traditional tourists. Globally, it is estimated that there are approximately 35 million nomads, mostly young people: 34% are considered "millennials", while 23% belong to generation X. According to AirBnB, in recent years they have been characterized by travelers staying longer in cities, and by the expansion of work destinations thanks to the creation of visas for digital nomads.  


"Buenos Aires is considered one of the best cities in the world for nomads because of its enormous cultural offer, the quality of life it offers, the quality of its universities and its high human capital. Moreover, the arrival of nomads is also an opportunity for destinations throughout the country," said Fernando Straface, Secretary General and International Relations of the City.

In this context, the city of Buenos Aires offers the Digital Nomads BA program, an initiative that seeks to attract 22,000 digital nomads to the city by 2023. The program includes benefits and discounts on hotels and coworking spaces, and a visa launched with the national government that allows nomads to extend their stay for a period of 180 days, extendable only once.